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Our course catalog is comprised of specialized online classes created by leaders in the Birth Photography industry. These courses are self-paced and individually purchased. They are designed to help you grow as a birth photographer and a business owner.

  • Learn from successful leaders in the industry - see how THEY do what they do and apply it to your own business.

  • Users gain lifetime access to courses purchased as well as access to a private facebook group.

  • All courses have a combination of written and video content for ease of learning.

  • There are no time requirements, so you are able to learn at your own pace and re-watch lessons any time.

  • Continue to learn and grow in this field.


These courses are self-paced and users will have lifetime access. Each course has been designed to help you grow as a birth photographer and a business owner.


Are you always craving to learn more and advance your career? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Has something you "have always done" all of a sudden stopped working for you? At Birth Becomes Her, we are constantly brainstorming ideas and researching ways to continue providing exceptional learning materials for you. Supporting you with resources to take your business to the next level. We have carefully selected Professional Instructors that have carved a path in our industry to provide you with the most professional level of education and experience possible.

Creating YOUR Success


    You know the basics, but there is ALWAYS something new to learn.


    Find YOUR voice, YOUR style, YOUR niche. What does your ideal client look like and how can you attract them to you.


    It is totally acceptable to be profitable doing what you love. Discover your confidence in success.

Jennifer Mason (she/her)

Jennifer Mason is an experienced birth photographer of 6+ years, a trained doula, as well as a videographer. She’s a leader in the international birth photography community and the co-founder of Birth Becomes Her. Jennifer loves mentoring new birth photographers as well as teaching editing and shooting techniques. Jennifer is an award winning birth photographer who successfully moved her business from Denver to the Midwest. She continues to help grow the community of birth photography locally and worldwide.

Jenn and Monet BBH

Jenn and Monet are the cofounders of Birth Becomes You. Together, they've photographed almost 1000 birth stories. Jenn is based in Michigan, and Monet is based in Colorado. They are both birth photographers, birth videographers, doulas, and educators.

Featured Instructors

Chris Loring (she/her)

Chris Loring - Website and SEO Create an artistic website that is focused and rooted in your brand and your vision. Follow it up with SEO to start generating leads right now! Chris has over 9 years of experience as an accomplished wedding photographer, business mentor, writer, and creator in Denver, CO. She believes that the most fulfilled and successful business owners operate with honesty and deep-rooted vulnerability.

Krista Evans

Krista Evans is a birth photographer, doula and business mentor based out of British Columbia, Canada. With emotive and raw storytelling her primary focus, she has a passion for documenting the honest and organic moments within motherhood. After implementing the IPS business model in 2017, Krista found it integral in not only drastically upping her client experience game, but also in creating a LUCRATIVE, SUSTAINABLE and PASSION DRIVEN birth business.


  • How much photography experience would be beneficial?

    For the majority of the courses, we are recommending that you have a solid understanding of photography. These courses are designed to take your photography skills and/or your career to the next level of success.

  • Do all of the courses need to be purchased at once?

    No! You are welcome to purchase individual courses that fit your needs and desires on your time table. New courses are always in the works, so check back frequently.

  • Are these 'LIVE' courses?

    While the courses are not 'live', the instructors are available for questions and answers in the private Facebook group. This also allows you to learn the material at your own pace