In Person Sales

In this introduction to IPS course, you will assess your current business model and find out if In Person Sales is the right fit for you, your clients and the vision you have for your business and brand. Krista will share her insight into pricing for a profit as well as how to move past the fear and create a fee structure that allows for your business AND bank account to grow.

  • Answer, "Is IPS the right business model for me and if so, how do I start?"

  • Collections or A La Carte, which option will work best for your brand

  • Create a comprehensive pricing structure

  • Compile your own fine art vendor list and Krista will share her favourites from around the world

  • Learn how to process and convert leads into bookings using in-person relationship building and IPS strategies

Course curriculum

  • 1

    CHAPTER 1 – Introduction

    • LESSON 1: Meet Krista


    • LESSON 2: Is IPS Right For Me?

  • 2

    CHAPTER 2: Know Your Numbers: A Detailed Analytics of Your Business Costs and How To Translate That Into Creating a New Pricing Structure.

    • LESSON 1: The Importance Of Knowing Your Numbers.

    • LESSON 2: CODB Example

    • LESSON 3: COG Example


  • 3

    CHAPTER 3: Setting Up Shop

    • LESSON 1: Compile Your Fine Art Vendor List

    • LESSON 2: Create A Boutique Client Experience Completely Unique To You And Your Brand.

    • Amie Roussel (Portrait Photographer) How Switching To IPS Has Dramatically Changed Her Process AND Profitability

    • LESSON 3: Do You Need a Studio To Be Successful?

    • Erin Stoneman (Birth and Lifestyle Photographer)-Holding Successful Reveal Appointments In Clients Home


    • Krista's Studio Tour

  • 4

    CHAPTER 4: Creating A Comprehensive Pricing Structure

    • LESSON 1: The Components Of An IPS Pricing Structure

    • LESSON 2: Session Fee

    • LESSON 3: Collections or A La Carte, Which Option Will Work Best For Your Brand?


  • 5

    CHAPTER 5: Marketing

    • LESSON 1: Learn How To Identify Your IDEAL Client

    • LESSON 2: Community Marketing/Word Of Mouth And Referral Marketing

    • LESSON 3: Online Marketing


  • 6

    CHAPTER 6: IPS Process

    • LESSON 1: Learn How To Process And Convert Leads Into Bookings Using In-Person Relationship Building And IPS Strategies

    • LESSON 2: IPS Scripting

    • LESSON 3: Learn to "Sell" Authentically And Organically

    • LESSON 4: IPS Software


  • 7

    CHAPTER 7: Go Out And THRIVE

    • LESSON 1: Overcome Your Fear And Self Doubt To Step Into Your Role As The EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD

    • LESSON 2: When You Have INTENTION, You Create ELECTRICITY


Invest over a three month period. The first third of the content will be available upon first installment with succeeding content available after each installment.

Master Instructor

Krista Evans

Krista Evans is a birth photographer, doula and business mentor based out of British Columbia, Canada. With emotive and raw storytelling her primary focus, she has a passion for documenting the honest and organic moments within motherhood. After implementing the IPS business model in 2017, Krista found it integral in not only drastically upping her client experience game, but also in creating a LUCRATIVE, SUSTAINABLE and PASSION DRIVEN birth business.

Invest in YOU

  • Know your numbers

    A detailed analytics of your business costs and how to translate that into creating a new pricing structure. Create a comprehensive pricing structure.

  • Use your passion

    Learn how to process and convert leads into bookings using in-person relationship building and IPS strategies. How to conduct in-person meetings from the first point of contact to closing the sale. Learn how to "sell" authentically and organically without feeling "pushy".

  • Develop your brand

    Learn how to identify your ideal client and market directly to her. Create a boutique client experience completely unique to you and your brand. Overcome fear and self doubt to step into your role as the expert in your field.

Are You Ready?

It is time for you to create a LUCRATIVE, SUSTAINABLE and PASSION DRIVEN birth business.