Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Marketing = Fishing
    • Marketing is like Fishing
    • How to be GREAT at Fishing
  • 3
    What is NICHE Marketing?
    • Where are we going with this?
    • Niche Marketing & Specialism
    • F.A.Q.
  • 4
    The IDEAL Client and Who They Really Are
    • Overview: The Ideal Client
    • Who is your IDEAL client?
    • Past Clients Worksheet
    • Your Ideal Client Profile
    • Your Personal Profile
  • 5
    The Power of NO
    • The Power of NO
    • Why People Saying NO to you is a GOOD THING!
    • Saying 'NO' As It Relates To Hot Issues & Politics
    • I Threw Bologna At the Ceiling and...
  • 6
    Marketing in Action
    • Your Unique Marketing Space
    • Apply your Marketing - Action Tips
  • 7
    The Perfect ABOUT ME Page
    • An Important Note About Being Authentic
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Writing the Perfect About Page
    • Overview: The About Page
    • About Page Worksheet
    • Mentoring & Additional Business Advice
  • 8
    What is next?
    • Pricing & Money
    • Congratulations!

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  • Chris Loring

    Chris Loring

    Chris has over 9 years of experience as an accomplished wedding photographer, business mentor, writer, and creator in Denver, CO. She believes that the most fulfilled and successful business owners operate with honesty and deep-rooted vulnerability. In addition to SEO and blogging, her mentoring is primarily focused on helping women define and truly embrace their unique brand and the beautiful work that comes from it.
  • Be true to yourself

    This will not work if you are not honest with yourself.

  • Own your 'THING'

    This is the time to OWN your 'thing'

  • Ditch the buzzwords

    Yes, I know you are passionate, authentic, unique, and real.

  • Expect more, be more

    This is not your average marketing or ideal client's course.

  • This won't be easy

    If you aren't struggling a bit to figure some of this stuff out, you aren't doing it right.

  • You are amazing

    You are already amazing, we just need to find the magic words to tell people that you are.

  • Take it easy

    Information overload and taking a step back. Finding and marketing to your ideal clients is NOT a quick fix and won't happen overnight.